Interesting Observation

Concerned Citizens of La Vergne in the beginning – “As Concerned Citizens we have pledged to be respectful hear with one another – let’s continue to show our integrity to show respect to have our voices heard reasonably on Thursday – I know you all can!”
Concerned Citizens of La Vergne today – “If you don’t agree with us we don’t want you here!”



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The Truth on Melisa Brown

Melisa Brown is not a candidate that is looking to represent all residents.  She and her political organization the Concerned Citizens of La Vergne have gone on crusade to block all voices that are different from theirs.  How do you represent people when you refuse to even listen to them?  I challenge you Melisa please explain to the public here how you represent the people you block.

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Fiscal Sanity

“Only two candidates for fiscal sanilty. Dennis Waldron and Melisa Brown.” – Concerned Citizens of La Vergne.

In all honesty how can this sentence even make sense?  Dennis Waldron has consistently voted for more debt and less agenda items to be paid for.   Was he not the man who voted for the fire contract with the city a year before it expired?

He voted recently for a contract and then voted against the funding for it.  How is that fiscally responsible?

When did he ever purpose a solution for the growing Water/Sewer debt that was hitting the city?  What alternatives did he purpose in meetings workshops to the property tax increase?

And then we get to Melisa Brown who does not even know when the budget discussions and planning begins.  She is out there promising to maintain city services while cutting back the budget.  If you cut funding to departments they have to make cuts as well.  His main concern in running for office is to be the voice of the Concerned Citizens.  She has stated she represents those against the tax increase, so if you support it and what it’s done, like provide additional police officers and fire fighters then she doesn’t want to represent you because she has no clue on how.

She has publicly stated that she doesn’t see how the city’s police department could even be improved.  This shows everyone exactly the mind set of this candidate.  She doesn’t even know of the problems with the CAD system.  Maybe losing calls is ok with her, but we should all strive do better.

So with all of that we can see that neither Dennis Waldron & Melisa Brown are fiscal nor sane.

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False Claim Alert # 2

Dennis Waldron states “He said the biggest need for La Vergne is to make sure the city has good, quality drinking water. Number two is police.”

And all of his from a man who has stated that we needed a water rate increase but voted and spoke out against any increase.

Then there are the police.  Dennis has constantly voted against any improvements for the city police.

How can people support such a dishonest candidate?

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False Claim Alert

Seems that one of our candidates, Melisa Brown, recently ran to the DNJ making the claim that the water/sewer fees were #1 a tax, which they are not, and #2 the fees were doubled.  Looking at the exact percentages of each increase the water/sewer fees have not been doubled.

Additionally, she lays no specific plan to bring down the sewer fees which are mainly controlled by the cost charged at the city of Nashville.

All hype and no substance.

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Debates debates…

It’s only a matter of a few days until the city’s candidate forum where we will see each candidate give the residents their best pitch for why you should vote for them for Alderman of La Vergne.

So lets take a moment and look at who is running and share a little bit about them.

Tom Broeker – a federal employee who has served for years at the city’s postal office.  Husband and father, Tom has stepped up front and center for the city and explained his positions.  Repeatedly attacked by the Concerned Citizens group because he would not tow their official voting platform, Tom continues to shine for representing all residents not just some.

Dennis Waldron – career politician and owner of the city junk yard, Dennis has spent years in office with the city and has been known as the “Do Nothing Alderman”.  Dennis is known for supporting the petition drive to dissolve the city charter and for false claims to the media about city funds.

John Kleber – father to a member of the La Vergne High School student.  While off to a slow start John has been seen at city events and has been out meeting and greeting potential voters.

Kathy Hines – a former law enforcement official in IL, Kathy Hines is running to see the city crack down on synthetic drugs that have taken the country by storm over the last few years.  Kathy has been spotted at city meetings and some events.

Melisa Brown – novice politician who is running because Dennis Waldron wasn’t running, but now is.  She has fully supported the Concerned Citizen’s platform of stopping city improvements.  She believes that having sufficient police and fire responders is growing “big government” and that no one wants that.

Listen to their words and look at their actions over the last two years.  Have they been there?  How have they been involved?  What do they stand for and how can they help this city and its residents?

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New Playground

It’s so amazing to see that local residents are coming together to build something for their community.  City of La Vergne Director of Public Relations, Kathy Tyson is spearheading an operation to have a playground built in the Lake Forest subdivision.  When the subdivision was being built builders promised buyers that one would be built but years later that never happened and those builders aren’t commenting on why.

With help from the city, volunteers and outside organizations the goal is that by fall of next year this new playground will be a reality.

If you are interested in volunteering in any way, shape or form please contact Kathy Tyson with the City of La Vergne for how you can help.

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