Local Group Calls for End of Charitable Giving by the City

Recently, a local special interest group Concerned Citizens of LaVergne have called on city officials to no longer support charitable organizations that they volunteer for.  Organizers of the group claim that with city officials being volunteers it creates a conflict of interest for the city officials.  Specifically noting Senna Mosley who is both Mayor of LaVergne and a volunteer with local charity Box 100 as an example.  When checking with the city officials have pointed out that under Mayor Mosley’s leadership the charity in question actually had less of a grant from the city than in previous years.
With this call against city officials supporting local charities with grant money one local resident & Concerned Citizens of LaVergne member a Debbie Heughan challenged local leaders giving to charities they volunteer with saying “You gave them 15,000 of my tax dollars.”  In protest of tax dollars going to local charities.
When we reached out out local Box 100 members it was noted that Debbie Heughan did receive support from strangly enough the current city Mayor when she caused a fire in her home kitchen several years ago.  They also noted that city officials that do volunteer do not get a vote in the budgetting affiars of the organization.
Local charities from the Red Cross, YMCA as well as local food banks are now questioning taking volunteer help or contributions from local city officials in fear of being targetting by the this group.
With at least two senior citizens on the board many local senior citizens are wondering if this group will next target the Senior Citizen’s Fund next.


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