Local Townhall Discussion on Taxes

At a local townhall meeting in LaVergne, TN local city officials and deparment heads appeared to answer questions about the recent tax increase and increases in the water and sewer service fees.
With handouts for local residents the city showed how without the increases in the water and sewer fees the city water plant, which until just recently was on the state’s disstressed water properties list, the city would lose control of the plant to the state.  Alderman Thomas Broeker did state specifically that he has called for a review of the water rates to see if their was any room to address those with the budget.
While not all residents approved of such increases many voiced support including single parents, senior citizens and middle income families.
The board also made the case for the $0.50 increase in property tax rate for the city showing the need the for police, fire and infrastructure improvements.
The city hasn’t paved the roads since 2005, hired new police positions since 1999 and not hired new fire fights since 2003 even though the city has grown significantly over the years.
One local resident, a Debbie Heughan, went on record at the meeting asking if she is even safe in the city, which helped further the cause of additional police.
While the city is still divided many have argued for years this change was needed, but people still debate how soon.


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