Tea Party Event

The local Concerned Citizens of LaVergne will be hosting a Tea Party event in support of dissolving the local city and allowing the county to take over leadership of the area.  You can find organization leaders Stan Glasgow, Carolyn Hickerson, and Yvonne Abdon leading Tea Party activists and Tax Revolt speaker Ben Cunningham in attendance to a move to get enough signatures to dissolve the city.   Concerned Citizens of LaVergne is a grassroots organization that supports self reliance, no government taxes and government assistance for all except for those it disagrees with.  Be sure to check this event out at the LaVergne Civic Center on Thursday at 6:15.  All are encouraged to bring their pitchforks and torches.


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One Response to Tea Party Event

  1. michaelinLV says:

    umm… Is this supposed to be news or commentary? Because you say you are reporting the news but it appears to me you are trying to create news.

    First, I’m not affiliated with the CCLV group, but what evidence do you have that they are affiliated with the tea party? Also, where did you read that they are opposed to any taxation? And their petition is not to dissolve the city, but to revert back to the previous charter.

    I don’t agree with the plans to dissolve the city, but I welcome as many watchdog groups as we can get. For too long, nobody cared and look where it got us.

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