Group Calls For A Less Efficient Form of Government

Concerned Citizens of LaVergne and the owner of a local Mini Storage facility have called for the city of La Vergne to end its currents charter and revert to one that is deemed by MTAS as less efficient.

The group is supporting a petition started by a local merchant Stan Glasgow to return the city back to a Commissioner style of government.  Noted for its inefficiency as well as its lack of accountability this form of government was replaced in the city years ago.

For a group calling on more accountability and openness it would seem odd that this group is calling for less.  We tried to get a response from the group about the petition, but emailed requests were not responded to.


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3 Responses to Group Calls For A Less Efficient Form of Government

  1. While not speaking for CCoL, While not as popular as it once was, I hardly think you could seriously categorize a commission type city govt as inefficient. Several areas in FL and Portland OR (Pop over 500,00) still rely on this type of government. What I’ve seen from the current form of government is that they are going to do what they want, regardless of what the citizens want.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Inefficient was cited by MTAS

  3. tony vanatta says:

    if they done what every citizen wants ,hmmm now that sound kinda just not right,but hey it would be nice, if the payed my taxes and sewer ,but its my crap and my taxes to pay to keep my and my kids safe sorry people family doesnt mean much to them

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