National Night Out Disrupted

Tonight is the National Night Out and in many communities including La Vergne local residents are getting to meet and interact with local emergency responders in a more casual setting.  Free food was provided by local business owners and many city employees donated their time to come assist with festivities.

Sadly, members of Concerned Citizens of La Vergne showed up with petitions trying to get signatures to dissolve the current city charter.  Using the National Night Out for political purposes seemed to be a breaking point for some residents as at least one told the petitioners that this type of political event is unwelcome there.

Police were eventually brought over and the petitioners stated they were there just getting signatures and registration for the event.  After checking with sources their was no one appointed for registration.

Fishy business is going on in La Vergne with the petition.  If anyone comes to you about signing a petition and they do not fully inform you that it is to dissolve the city charter, then to have a special election to elect commissioners then do not sign it.  This petition does not remove any property tax increases, water rate increase, or sewer increase.  Also, any parts of the City of La Vergne that were annexed into the city after the current charter was established would fall out of the city and would be under the county or could be annexed by Smyrna.


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2 Responses to National Night Out Disrupted

  1. tony vanatta says:

    i was one of the one that heard them talk to a older lady and they didnt inform her of what it was about other than taxes,as i went up to tell her after she signed it,she was very up set and had to go have her name taken off ,and they where not happy about it at all

  2. tony vanatta says:

    it was said i lied to her,,my words to this lady was…do you know by signing this it is saying you no longer want mayor mosley as your mayor,,,dont think thats a lie or am i wrong,as the lady said she love senna mosley,

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