<i>Transparency, as used in the humanities and in a social context more generally, implies openness, communication, and accountability.</i>


I’ve recently heard the discussion that our lovely city government isn’t transparent.  So lets go through and examine each part of the definition so that we can really check up on the city.

#1. Implies openness – well as we all know our elected officials have all posted their addresses, and phone numbers on the city website.  They have also stated they have an open door policy for anyone to come to their office.  If  they are not in they could be called and scheduled a meeting.  Openness to knew ideas as well as seen in Tom Broeker who purposed a new rate study for water rates.

#2 communication – all of the aldermen and mayor are accessible via email, phone, letter and in person.  Some are available via website and Facebook.  Also, the board does post their workshop meetings on television as well as the web.  They additionally post the budget for all to review.

#3 accountability – well the board of aldermen and mayor are accountable to the voters.  Every election cycle they are voted on.  While 2 of the board members are brand new three, Dennis Waldron, Sherri Green and Senna Mosley, have earned the trust of the people by being repeatedly voted into office.

Now their are some that now want potential ordinances placed on the web for those who just don’t want to attend meetings.  I can understand that with statements on their or a background saying pending.  Don’t want the public getting them confused with passed ones.   So as far as more openness I would like to know what more could the city do to accommodate you?


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