More Lies Being Addressed

Well I recently saw  a posting saying the city has a “chopping block ” of employees that they are going after.  Sadly, this was from an older woman named Debbie Heughan who has already been tied to other lies such as the city inflating the city budget with perks for themselves.  I am all for accountability and openness which is the same as she has stated in the past, so in the spirit of accountability and openness I call on this woman to come forward with your source for these rumors that she is espousing or to quit them altogether.

I’ve also read from a Smyrna resident who is part of La Vergne’s concerned citizens group(odd is it not>) Mr. Ricky O’Neal that 99.9% of all cities have given up their plans for the next 5-10 years due  to the economy.  Now from a 2002 census their were officially 19,000 cities in the United States of America alone.   With that said I will through out there that Mr O’Neal has actually done his home work here.   With his projections 18,810 cities have decided that regardless of need that they would not fulfill its plans for growth.  While many cities may cut back in some areas I have not seen one report where a city has come out and stated that they do not plan to add any police, fire or emergency officials that we project we need because of the economy.  While not technically not a city, Nashville, TN itself is adding a multi-million dollar convention center.  So I would say please do your homework before stating something as fact.


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