Concerned Citizens of La Vergne & My Beef

As many of you noticed I’m not too fond of the Concerned Citizens of La Vergne.   My beef with them as you call it comes from a few points.

First, the group isn’t interested in working with the city.  They want the city answer to their demands.  A conversation is a two fold approach both parties talk and come to terms on something.  Saying the city must do this and do that or they’ll be sorry isn’t the way proper way to speak with people that yes the citizens of the city elected.   Speaking badly about elected officials isn’t professional as well.  Yes we may not agree on things but that doesn’t invalidate either person’s argument unless the facts show one way or the other.

Second, this whole your group their group stuff is what high school?  You’re claiming to represent the people of La Vergne and at the same time you or your members insult them on your forums.  Attacking those that don’t agree with you is childish and destroys your points for an argument.  I’ve seen members refer to people as “drinking Kool aid” or “liars and propagandists” simply for not holding your view point.   At the town hall meeting I saw several members verbally attack people.  I can understand disagreeing but you want to come off a reputable to those not on the far right personal attacks on residents have to go.

Third, you claim you love this city and hate seeing what the people you disagree with are doing to it.  If you love the city why does the public not see you volunteering at different events?  Lots of city events needs volunteers but the only time you’re seen is on TV or radio screaming about social justice on taxes.  That people are hurting.  Well if people are hurting what volunteering are you doing to help?   Sherry Green has repeated stated they need people to help deliver meals on wheels, the city started a program to feed elderly who cannot afford food and their are many more.  Where are you?  We only hear about much you dislike the city.

Fourth, transparency.  You want the city to be 100% transparent.  I’ve seen people members want more transparency like online records, records mailed to shut ins, etc.  All of that costs money.  Also, you want transparency of the city but have 0 transparency yourselves.  Who are your donors, who are your members, who’s on your boards?  The city makes all of these items available publicly but you don’t.  Before wanting the city to be more transparent you should clean up your own house.

Fifth, city employees do not work for you directly.  Please  stop acting like you are their boss.  You do not sign their checks, you do not hire or fire them.  They work with you not for you.  That was stated at the town hall meeting by a single mother city employee named Felicia.  City employees are working very hard to keep the city functioning and are volunteer much of their time to help many people.  So please show respect for them.  They are residents too.

Sixth, you say you support the petition drive to dissolve the city charter.  Now if you support the charter then you support Stan Glasgow’s original intent which was unincorporation of the city.  Yes even Stan admits that he at first did not know of the prior charter so his intent was dissolving the city.  Also, lets say that by the long shot that the petition passes and the charter is dissolved.  Several things happen.  The original board will sue.  All land annexed into the city after 1988 goes back to being county and allows for the city of Smyrna to annex it.  Also another election will have to take place at tax payer expense.   So how is the city being broken apart, sued and having more costs exactly a good thing?  Wouldn’t the fiscally responsible thing to do is allow an election and let the people decide for themselves who to elect and who not to elect?

So with all of that said I challenge the organizers of this group Yvonne and Carolyn to come and address to the public these issues.  Accountability  to the people is what public people have to general public and since you two have put yourselves out there I’m holding you accountable here.  Lets see if you actually respond or continue to ignore the issues I present and attack local residents.


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