Rutherford County Commissioner Doug Shafer

Recently in the DNJ was an article about Doug Shafer not having paid his property taxes since 1995.  Now mind you the DNJ was simply following up on a statement made by Mayor Senna Mosley at the city’s townhall meeting this past summer.  Now our lovely friends at the infamous Concerned Citizens of La Vergne group used this story not to teach about personal accountability but instead decided to state that Mayor Mosley used “political clout” to attack Mr Shafer.  Now the DNJ reported did their homework and found that yes no property taxes were paid on Mr. Shafer’s property.  Once brought before the public in the DNJ Mr Shafer did go and make a donation to the city in the amount that would have been owed.  For that we give kudos to Mr Shafer in taking personal responsibility in the issue.  Sadly, others decided to use this as an attack platform against the Mayor(yet again) saying that she has known about this for years but never said anything, all the while not offering any proof only hearsay.  Same MO as previous attacks from the group.  Doesn’t pass the snuff test to me.

Sadly, rather than representing the citizens of La Vergne the Concerned Citizens Group is once again representing a handful of people who have a personal grudge with the Mayor and aldermen.


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One Response to Rutherford County Commissioner Doug Shafer

  1. Anna Bales says:

    Need to check the rest of the old good old boys taxes.

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