The Truth About the Petition & Charter and Municipal Information

There has been a lot of misinformation regarding the citizen led petition drive to return the city to a commission based form of government. The petition is was originally designed to unincorporate the city.  When the man who started the petition, Stan Glasgow, found out about the prior petition he admitted he originally did not know of it.  Concerned Citizens did not initiate the petition drive effort although they have supported it with materials and people.

Here are the facts that those who support the petition don’t want you to know:

* All parts of La Vergne incorporated after the current petition was passed would revert back to county status.  At that time other cities can annex them into their city.

* The city will be in immediate violation of its contract with the fire company that provides the city fire services.  Per the old charter the city must provide its own fire services thus allowing for the existing fire company to sue the city for breach of contract.

* The city is obligated under the old charter to fund and run the city’s school system.  Yup that’s right folks.  With nothing in place to manage that I would think that would be a gamble with our children’s education.

* The if repeal is passed taxpayers will then fund a special election for new officers.  No current or previous elected officials are restricted from running.

* Residents lose their ability to chose who they want as their Mayor.  Under the old charter the aldermen elect a Mayor from themselves.  The citizens do not have a say in who is determined to be Mayor.  They completely lose their voice in this matter.

*  This will not in and of itself repeal any taxes or utility fees.

On top of all of this the petition will cause the city to look uncertain to potential businesses looking to locate within the city.  Also, the city could also face lawsuits and challenges that delays the election process for months and costing the city taxpayer money fighting it.

Sadly those circulating the petition feel that they prefer this method over general elections which have worked for the city for decades.


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One Response to The Truth About the Petition & Charter and Municipal Information

  1. Anna Bales says:

    Has the new City Admin moved into the city. He had 6mo when he was hired.

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