Education and Elected Officials

Recently I read a post where the business owner of Lake Forest Homes, Inc, Tomer Minuskin, posted a message stating, “How about our city officials first finish high school or a year or two in college…? We have a bunch of uneducated people running our city, not only do they not have any formal education, they have never run a business before, and we have given them the helm to our wonderful city.”

Now sadly this business owner does not know how to look up facts on the city’s elected officials.  Just looking at the city’s website you can see these facts:

Mayor Senna Mosley 3 years college at University of Tennessee at Martin and is a former GED instructor for McGavock Adult Education Program and an educational assistant for Rutherford County Schools.
Vice Mayor Chris Farmer graduated in the top 10 of his class at Valley View High School in Jonesboro, he had already completed EMT training.
Alderman Dennis Waldron is a graduate of McGavock High School. He is also a local business owner.


Now as for Aldermen Broeker and Green their education is not posted on the website which I welcome either to post that here or on the city’s website, but for now lets just look over the facts and statements made.

We know at least three finished high school.  One trained to educated adults, one trained to save lives and one that runs a business.

No formal education?  What is the University of Tennessee at Martin?  EMT training not formal?

Never run a business? Waldron Auto Parts & Salvage is a business.

It appears that  Mr. Minuskin is a business owner himself who apparently does not do his homework.


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