All About Hounds Retraction

Local Concerned Citizens of La Vergne member and now former All About Hounds member Angie Mayes has apparently landed local greyhound rescue group All About Hounds in some negative light with her false and misleading statements she recently made to WSMV reporter Larry Flowers.

As a result of her false statements Ms. Mayes has been thrown out of All About Hounds and the rescue group issued this press release:

All About Hounds utilizes a broad base of volunteers to promote the adoption of retired racing greyhounds. During a recent news cast one of those volunteers made unscripted statements what were not representative of the views of the organization. The opinions and comments expressed in the interview do not accurately reflect the views of the organization.

All About Hounds is a racing neutral greyhound rescue group. All About Hounds as an organization strives to build relationships for the betterment of the greyhounds everywhere and is deeply troubled by any distraction from the promotion of greyhound adoption.

As a result the BOD of All About Hounds met tonight to discuss the situation and were left with the difficult decision, according to the bylaws, to revoke this volunteer’s membership. The vote to revoke the membership passed sighting the requirement for members to provide a “positive presence committed to educated and inform the public of the availability of greyhounds as pets” and the dedication to “develop and maintain professional relationships…”

The Volunteer was not the approved spokesperson for this segment, and the content of the interview was not presented to the BOD for approval prior to airing, as has come to be expected from prior experiences.

We apologize for any ill will or misrepresentation this has caused to the racing industry.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments please feel free to contact us at and a board member will respond to you.

We are working to move past this incident so we can continue our focus of finding loving forever homes for retired racing greyhounds.

Now this isn’t the first time that Ms. Mayes has made false statements. Back in August she made the claim that the former director of the Parks Department was going to be fired when in actuality she was going full time with our country’s military. She has also stated that the city only has a PR department to cover up the city’s “madness”. Sadly, Ms. Mayes worked for the city for years in that exact roll as the city PR rep.

Except for the general greyhound community and All About Hounds, no one has condemned the absolutely blatant misrepresentation of the facts issued by Angie Mayes. Will Concerned Citizens of La Vergne do the right thing and condemn these lies – just as the greyhound community has?


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