A Few Public Replies

“I as well as hundreds of others were hoping that the mayor and her constituents would be removed” – Dee Samuels
Dee Samuels – a constituent is a resident of a constituency, esp one entitled to vote.  So you’re hoping all of the residents of La Vergne are removed?  Wow thats very facist of you.  What next you’ll want to take all of guns away?
You stated you want the roads improved upon but you don’t want to pay more in taxes. If you talk with public works you’ll see that road improvement is happening and if you have specific concerns you can always talk to them or board members personally.  I am sorry that you do not feel that the people affected by last years tornado that did damage homes in La Vergne aren’t relevant to safety.
Also, your statement that “.the mayor doubled property tax and raised water and sewer tax” is a false statement.  Firstly the board did this not the mayor.  We live in a representative government not a dictatorship.  Five people voted on this plan.  Secondly the Water/Sewer rates are not taxes.  Those are utility fees the same as electricity.  You are given a service and are paying for it.  Should the city drop those rates down to prior years where the city was paying the shortfall for you?
I know many people here perferred a time when the city had lower property taxes and had the city supplementing their water bill payments with understaffed fire and police and no road maintenance, but thankfully those days are over.  Are their problems with the current plans?  Can they be improved upon?  Yes.  But only through open dialogue instead of petty name calling and personal attacks.

Debbie Heughan “forgive” means to cease to blame or hold resentment against.  The forgive but not forget is basically saying you don’t forgive them.
Also, you may not be aware of this Debbie, but the Mayor took herself out of the hiring process.  Don’t believe me?  Go check yourself instead of making false accusations.  Its easy to question motives of people when don’t do the research on the topic.


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