CCoLV Working Together With City & Other Groups

This week marked  a huge victory day for La Vergne.  The Concerned Citizens of La Vergne, ThisIsLaVergne, Box 100 and the City of La Vergne are all working TOGETHER to take to task the Rutherford County government for its lack of fair and equal representation in regards to the school board zoning.  Instead of grouping areas of similar interests together it was voted on and passed that massive areas that have nothing in common should be lumped together to protect districts and board members.

At a recent Steering  Committee meeting Commissioner Robert Stevens brought up the issue of the redistricting.  Sadly Chairperson Adam Coggin left the meeting only to return after the presentation to vote down a motion to discuss the matter further.  Ethically specially very sad way  to represent the people of Rutherford County.  Additionally, other Commissioners where there like Gary Farley who went back to an issue on the sunshine law twice.  Other than that he really didn’t address any concerns about fair representation.  In a truly shocking manner Steve Sandlin took offense to revisiting the issue and eventually shut  down all discussion on the topic and resorted to personal attacks of Robert Stevens.  Sadly Mr. Sandlin showed the school yard take my ball and go home moment at the meeting.  Once again a poor example of leading and representing the residents of Rutherford County.

Mayors of both Eagleville and La Vergne issued statements against the current zoning structure and residents have been contacting Commissioners with both calls and emails.  Sadly this organization attempted to reach Mr Farley, Mr Sandlin and Mr Coggin but none replied to calls or emails.

If you are for fair and equal representation for the school board please contact your county commissioners and voice your opinions.


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