City Turnover

Recently the City Administrator, Steve Mayer, resigned from his position with the city to pursue other career options.  During a recent city board workshop meeting the cities Mayor Senna Mosley requested that the ability to hire and fire employees.  Like many private businesses the city mayor suggests that this be left the HR Director, Fred Gaston, and Department Heads.

Some criticize this move as being a “power grab” by Mayor Mosley, but that doesn’t pass the snuff test.  Many of the same people criticizing this move were months ago claiming the city would be better run as a private business would.  Now the city has moved at least one part in that direction and it’s being hit for doing it.   Also, why so concerned about turn over now when many were claiming that if benefits and hourly pay rates were slashed that turn over would easily be replaced with this economic environment?

In most private companies the CEO, CFO, COO, etc do not have a roll in the hiring and firing of employees unless its on an executive level.  By allowing a trained and educated HR Director and our experienced Department Heads to hire and fire you will see better choices in my opinion because the Department Heads know better than anyone what a job entails.   To second guess the decision of having these fine educated and experienced people making those decisions questions the very fabric of their character.   Also, to my knowledge the Mayor herself does not select the Department Heads.

Thus far for the year 36 people have left the city’s employment this year either by their choice or the choice was made for them.   A number of those people were those from the good ole boy system from prior years that knew with a new regime that they could not simply get by because of their connections.  Some, like Grant Green, went on to the next step in their chose career path.  Additionally, their have been those who state that the Mayor herself has “hired close friends and supporters”, yet every time proof of such an act is asked for none is produced.  Employees are as a whole happy with Mayor Mosley as a large group of them came out to support her and the entire board at the summer townhall meeting.

This I challenge to those who make the claim of unethical behavior by elected officials to come forth with evidence of this.  I also challenge those who say that city employees  “have to worry & fret over losing their livelihood” please come forward with specific cases of this as no other city employee as publicly done so.


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