Angie Mayes Declares War

Recently, Concerned Citizens of La Vergne member and former city publicist, Angie Mayes recently announced on her Facebook book page she is going to war.


From La Vergne Alderman/Vice Mayor Chris Farmer. I’m so glad he talks to his constituents that way. So there was a typo. I don’t think his name is Jesus Christ. And it’s CITY e-mail address. I freaking pay taxes for that address.

BTW, I copied every media outlet I could get my hands on. War on!

“Here is an idea Angie Mayes don’t email me AGAIN! First of all I don’t want a tow piece dinner as you spelled it and I have no reason to talk to you.”
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In a new year where many are calling for civility and respect it would seem that she is hell bent to continue to point out the city’s shortcomings over trying to build upon successes and correct the things that need to be fixed.

You might remember Angie Mayes a former member of a local greyhound rescue group until she made up stories about greyhounds being shot and pushed out to sea.


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2 Responses to Angie Mayes Declares War

  1. Sam Kerry says:

    Have been thinking a lot about this probably too much really. There was a picture of the first police the city had on a facebook page and the owner of the picture said before the police were hired, the town was filled with trailer parks and thugs. The “pukes” tried their best to run the police out of town. It seems to me like we still have the same puke mentality trying to still run people out of town that are trying to improve life here. The bitterness runs deep for the small minded.

  2. tony says:

    with everything ive heard maybe angie can get a job with the DNJ…she would fit right in with the ,NOT facts finding,and lying people

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