Mr Beard’s Termination

Recently, Codes Director, Derek Beard, was fired from his job.  Some have called foul for firing stating that is uncalled for, yet many don’t know all of the specifics.

In a prior interview with the Tennessean it seemed Mr. Beard was saying he was not doing his job.   Additionally many residents were complaining that codes were not being enforced even to the point where elected officially were getting involved to try to identify the problem.   At the same time it would seem that the former director had sent an unprofessional email to at least one elected official.

When talking with HR Director for the city, Fred Gaston, he declined to comment on the matter and even told the Tennessean that it was a “personal matter”.

Local resident and rumored candidate for alderman, Sarah Boner, is demanding on facebook that the person responsible come forward, regardless of knowing that the city has a HR Director.  She has  publicly stated the city needs to “needs to beg Mr. Beard to come back”.

With the stated problems with enforcing codes and lack of judgment in sending emails one would have to wonder why someone would want that type of employee.


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One Response to Mr Beard’s Termination

  1. Sam Kerry says:

    When someone says to a newspaper that he is not doing his job, then it would be an injustice to taxpayers for him to NOT be fired.

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