Upcoming Aldermen Elections

So we are at the point again that Aldermen elections are coming up.  Two seats are open, that are currently occupied by Dennis Waldron and Thomas Broeker.

Now it’s already been stated to those in the know that the Security Chief for Stonecrest Hospital, David Gammon.  Doing a bit of research at one point Mr. Gammon ran “David Gammon Bail Bonding” out of his home at 578 Hollandale Rd, La Vergne, TN 37086.  He is also a graduate of Smyrna High School and he did run for office and lost back in 2010.  In the 2010 he chose not to respond to a questionaire submitted by ThisIsLaVergne blog and only received 1555 votes out of the the 10K or so votes that year.

It would appear that Sarah Boner is running for the Concerned Citizens of La Vergne.  Now Mrs Boner has been a long time supporter of the Concerned Citizens Group.  She has taken the stand against the current property tax in the city, has come out against the firing of the former Codes Director(who many complained was not doing his job), has come out against the water/sewer increase and has actively lobbied that politicians from other cities move to La Vergne to run for office.   You may remember Sarah Boner also as one of the owners of B&B Disposal that was recently at a controversy with neighbors complaining of it being a dump with rats, bad smells and unsafe conditions for children.  While we couldn’t locate documentation on the final outcome of this situation suffice to say the concerned residents issues were not directly addressed in the city’s records.  Sarah Boner also obtained a business license for A Moment In Time, Photography Services.

Lastly, after playing cat and mouse via statements it appears Dennis Waldron may be running for re-election.  You may remember Alderman Waldron as being elected back in 2004.  He voted against the 2011 budget and against the property tax increase and the water/sewer rates.  At a public townhall meeting in the very few times he spoke he stated he was against any water/sewer increase, but that it really should have happened years ago.  In April 2010 he was connected with a rock quary not being shut down due to it having a family member owning it.  He also went to the news media and stated that  the city had available funds to avoid the tax increase, but those claims were refudiated by the city’s fiance director.  Recently, Alderman Waldron has been linked with getting more attention to theSmyrna-Lavergne Assistance Coalition as well as funding.  He also voted against a bill to provide better equipment for our local police officers and voted against altering an amendment to clarify the language on parking on streets or in yards.  We here at La Vergne Times have been unable to reach Alderman Waldron why he does not support the police officers improved equipment and why he doesn’t want to clarify language that many have been confused on already.  Sadly, we have not been able to reach him.

If you’re running for office feel free to post here that you are and introduce yourself to our vast readership.



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2 Responses to Upcoming Aldermen Elections

  1. John Kleber says:

    John Patrick Kleber — a native of the Chicago suburbs – values the hometown feeling that living in LaVergne affords. After short stints in other Middle Tennessee cities, John and his wife, Kimberly chose to settle in La Vergne in 2007 because of the closeness to Nashville and hearing the school system was tops in the state. They are proud to call LaVergne their home. Their son, Quinton, is a section leader in the La Vergne High School Marching Band. With his education, Quinton plans to attend the Naval Academy, which makes his parents swell with pride.
    After John graduated high school, he studied Political Science and Criminal Justice for two years before leaving college to join the United States Navy, where he served during the first Gulf War. His time on the aircraft carrier USS Constellation taught him a compassion for others and leadership. It taught him discipline and teamwork. During his four year service, John made it to third class petty officer (would have been second class petty officer had it not been for him getting injured on the job. He was awarded the service medal while serving during Desert Storm and won numerous awards while serving as yeoman (clerk) onboard the USS Constellation (aircraft carrier).
    After the military, John worked many jobs mostly in the shipping and receiving industry. He has worked in union shops as well as non-union shops and backs both because he believes in the American worker, no matter where they work. He is an avid supporter of small business and making sure children have the best possible learning environment possible. He wants LaVergne to grow and prosper with small business as well as bringing big business into the fold. Will fight to create new jobs into community and more places to eat as well as shop.
    In his spare time, John loves to teach baseball and follows the LaVergne high school marching band. He spent four years in marching band as well as 3 years in drum and bugle corps with Phantom Regiment. He belongs to a Catholic fraternal organization (Knights of Columbus) since he was 18 years old where he learned a lot about charity and knows how to do for others. John is an active member of The American Legion, and the VFW.
    Working on six Presidential campaigns, John did everything from phone banks, canvassing, registering people to vote, polling, putting up signs and making sure volunteers were where they were supposed to be when they were supposed to there. John is pro teacher, learning, life and blue collar. He believes everyone has the right to bear arms and freedom of speech. John believes that if you want the big brothers in Washington out of your hair, you need to get it done…locally…which is what he is running for. He refuses to let the city of LaVergne fall be the wayside because of a few who thinks LaVergne would be better off in the county. John will fight for this city which he loves and the people living in it. You have his word. His experience in politics has taught him that he can’t please everyone all the time, but as long as he fights for what he believes in, he can think at the end of the day that he has done the right thing. To work alongside a team of folks dedicated to making LaVergne the best city in Rutherford County would be an honor. His food for thought is “A vote for John Kleber is a vote for progress” !

  2. James Rose says:

    I can say that as a former police officer for LaVergne, things have changed for the better. I hear other police departments giving good comments about the new direction of the department. I must that if we had made repairs to the water/sewer systems years ago, we would be in better shape.I think it’s time for Mr. Waldron to sit down. He only cares about getting votes, not the overall city.
    Some folks in the past administration helped run this city in the hole. They let folks build houses too close. They put rules and laws on the books to help themselves and their friends. One former mayor was pulled over for a traffic stop and wanted to argue with the officer about who they are, and who they know. And this was recent.
    I am watching the city meeting for Aug 30…
    Wish I had the time for office, I would run for Alderman.

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