Another Property Tax

It’s very interesting to me that here in our own dreamy La Vergne when our property tax was increased for the first time in 18 years their was outrage from some residents who now make up the group Concerned Citizens of La Vergne.  Now the Rutherford County mayor Ernest Burgess, who is buddies with Carolyn Hickerson of the Concerned Citizens of La Vergne, is looking at raising the county property tax for the THIRD time in just 6 years yet not a peep is being said against this by the Concerned Citizens group.   I personally find that very telling about them.  It shows that double standard that they are not really for lower taxes but are instead against the city mayor and some aldermen in a personal way.  If it were not so would they not have aggressively come out against another property tax increase from the county?



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One Response to Another Property Tax

  1. Charley Abdon says:

    You say you “find it very telling about them” and suggest there is a “double standard”. May I remind you, dear writer, that Carolyn Hickerson is NOT the voice of CCofL….she is merely “A” voice. The “them” you allude to is a direct assault on ALL of the group, as if they ALL share the same opinion as Ms Hickerson. They do not. Concerned Citizens of La Vergne and is exactly what the name implies..a place where concerned citizens can make their opinions known. There is no agenda beyond that. There are supporters and detractors of the current city administration on the site and ALL have made their feelings known. No opinions are refused when posted in a manner acceptable to the site guidlines. The site was started when my wife, Yvonne Abdon, made a statement regarding high water bills on a partison city site and was immediately bashed for it. She started the CCofL site to give the local citizens, like her, an opportunity to state opinions about things they found important regarding our town…without a united tongue lashing by those close to the city administration. While I, for one, will be supporting candidates whose positions differ greatly from Ms Mosely & Company, that is simply my view, NOT a Concerned Citizens of La Vergne position. I don’t personally know, or care to personally know, the mayor, vice mayor, or the aldermen. There is no “official” personal agenda against anyone, be it mayor, alderman, etc.,supported by the site itself and to suggest otherwise is simply small minded or an effort to discredit the site. Like others, I intend to have a voice, via an open forum like CCofL, about how my city is ran. That is the duty and privilege of ALL citizens and I recommend that for the betterment of our town, more people participate in open discussions and refrain from the type of accusatory speculation displayed in your post. Regarding the county increase…if citizens were concerned about it, I would imagine they would be peeping about it on CCofL.

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