Learn from the Past or You’re Doomed to Repeat It

” Does anybody that lived in La Vergne 20 years ago know what was happening back then at the city. An old timer told me that there was a Mayor that fired the Police Chief, fired the City Administrator then tried to run the city herself? I think they may have raised taxes too and it caused a lot of fighting in La Vergne. Does this sound familiar? 20 years later we are still doing the same thing? That Mayor was voted out after just one term, maybe history will repeat itself again?”  —  Damian Fahy

Sadly,  this individual is supportive of repeating the past.  You see after this happened the city fell into disrepair, not paving roads, not having adequate emergency personnel, not having a balanced budget and running up massive debts while depleting the backup funds that the city had.

I would believe that many in La Vergne, are against this type of government.  I like many support a government that is not running up massive debts, provides emergency services, and keeps the infrastructure current.  While the ONE tax increase was painful to some it did not do what many screamed it would do, which is drive people out of their homes in large numbers.  In fact looking at the information in the public forums NO ONE was driven out of their homes as a direct cause of the property tax increase.   Not one.

In closing you’ll notice that from our Australian friend’s history lesson the biggest fact is that voting out that mayor actually didn’t improve the city and set it on a path to be a city on a hill, but instead helped lead us to our current situation of people trying to fight responsible government.


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