It really surprises me sometimes the stupidity of some people in this city.  It’s like a challenge to see who can top who.  The latest in that case is one resident who is concerned about Ordinance #2012-08 and how it affects “mailman, or lawnman, or garbageman or any other service provider”.  So lets take a moment and clarify that for those who are challenged enough not to understand.

The US Postal Service and Garbagemen do not typically park on the street.  For the instances that the postal service does it is literally enough time to get to a front door.  Also, typically it is to the police officers discretion as to write a ticket or to issue a warning.  In the very few chances that this is actually caught by an officer I highly doubt they issue a ticket.

Lawnmen who park on the street to cut and/or maintain someone’s lawn simply can’t do that.  They would need to park in the driveway since in some cases they are performing their service for an hour or more.

Personally, I believe common sense can be understood in these cases but their are those that just don’t understand.  I personally would think that someone who is conducting recycling illegally at their business (no permit) would be more concerned with getting in compliance with the codes rather than to be constantly questioning the city.  But hey each person has their own opinion, it just appears facts just don’t seem to go over well with some folks eh?



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