Grinder Pumps

As some have noticed the local news picked up the word  that La Vergne is attempting to crack down on people who put items in their grinder pumps that break them.  After spending thousands of dollars to repair or replace them one would think that this cost savings effort would be celebrated by the CCLV.   Sadly once again they are pitching that city foot the bill at the same time that they call for the city to stop spending money.

First this policy is a three strike policy.  So the homeowner is not being hit with a cost at first.  Plus this only happens if the grinder pump is found not functioning because of items being flushed that should not have been.   If the grinder fails simply because it fails and the homeowner hasn’t been putting things into it that aren’t suppose to be there then the home owner isn’t to blame and won’t be assessed a penalty.  The claim that ” innocent people who are going to be caught in codes like this” is pure ignorance of the actual code.

Secondly, the claim that the city should phase out all grinder pumps.  Well this actually isn’t necessarily a bad idea but the big question is who pays for this.  The city taxpayers?  Its already been stated that the city spends too much so it that eliminates them.  The homeowner?  Its been stated that with the economy that homeowners are too financially strapped to pay for such a thing.  So who get the bill?

Lastly, stop whinning about the house you bought.  You had an opportunity to decide to buy your house or not.  Its not the city’s fault that the builder put a manhole cover where you want a deck.  Sell your house and move to Australia or build your own home.   Its not the city’s fault you chose unwisely.


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