Dear Elect Melisa Brown

Hi Elect Melisa Brown,

I hate calling people by their full names so I’ll just go by your first if you don’t mind.  So I’ve been watching and reading your posts that you post on both of your accounts, yes you have real account and then a duplicate account for your campaign, and must say that I scratch my head at your posts.  So let’s talk specifics.

You state that you are against the water and sewer rate increases.  If you do want to roll them back, specifically what do you purpose to cut out of the current budget to allow those roll backs?

You’ve stated that you want to slow down or halt some of the capital projects.  Those would be road paving and proving adequate piping to neighborhoods so that people residents who currently don’t get enough watch or pressure would.    Why are you against having paved roads and letting people get the same amount of watch other residents enjoy?

You’ve stated that property values have decreased (which they have nationwide) and that you want the city to turn that around.  Specifically what steps and proposals are you putting forth to the board?  Also why have you not brought any of them to the city meetings?  There is a citizen’s forum where you can present ideas and suggestions.     If you are currently too busy with your work and family to attend meetings or be actively involved in any part of city life, how would it be any different if you were elected?  Is it because you would be getting paid and could justify the time away?

Speaking of city involvement where were you during Old Timers Festival?  You weren’t in the parade and you didn’t have a booth but you want people to vote for you when they don’t know you and know specifically where you stand on issues?

You belong to a small political organization here in the city, but how to do plan to represent all of La Vergne when it comes into conflict with that group?

So please feel free to response here for the public to see and go into specifics about what you plan to do if elected or you can continue your campaign of misrepresentation “Alderman Elect” and rules violations (Facebook TOS against multiple accounts).
With Love,



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