Stupid Abounds

So out and about reading today and can’t notice the stupidity that abounds one specific special interest political group, i.e. the Concerned Citizens of La Vergne.  This is the same group that last year was pushing for the city of La Vergne to dissolve its charter.  It’s now fighting for the city to stop paving roads, stop replacing water lines and to reduce the city government by cutting police and fire.

Headed up by a three person council this group keeps claiming its speaking for the entire city when it can’t even get 100 people to its first and only public meeting.

Leading this group you have Carolyn Hickerson, who claims #1 that she can disagree with you and still be your friend, but turn around and trash talk you.  That level of backstabbing should have any God fearing Christian on their knees.  But to this group the ends justify the means.   Sadly rather than even attempt to work with any of our elected officials she has stated that it’s her goal to replace the current board of elected officials.

Bringing up the end is the husband and wife combination of Charley and Yvonne Abdon.  This is a couple that keeps saying they want the best for the city of La Vergne but then refuse to get involved with the city to make any chances good or bad.  They pretty much sit at home on their computers and complain that the city isn’t doing enough or is doing too much.   This couple assists in running their group by rules that continually change to meet their own personal plots and plans.

Both Carolyn and Charley have publicly stated their goals of running for public office in the next election cycle, citing that they have too many personal issues for this one.  I find it rather shocking since both of these people have stated that the city is putting an extreme financial burden upon them yet they could come up with the money.

Sadly as a group this organization has publicly “liked” anti-homosexual comments on their page from State Legislative Assistant, Tori Venable on their wall.  This group also is supporting Dennis Waldron who is running for re-election with the support of many business men on the Delinquent Taxes List.  They are also supporting the candidate running under the name “Elect Melisa Brown” who has stated her goal is to stop capital projects and cut city employees.


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