Rubber Stamps

Sadly the anti-La Vergne gang is at it again.  They are now calling candidates for Alderman “rubber stamps” yet don’t realize they want rubber stamp votes for themselves.  So let’s look at Dennis Waldron’s stamp.  He has consistently voted “NO” on almost every issue that has come before the board.  Accepting grant money to fully fund a project…NO!  Letting the police chief look into trading in old worn out guns for the police department rather than buying new one…NO!  Giving money to charity that specific helps La Vergne residents…NO!  Replacing police cars that cost more in maintenance than it would to buy new ones….NO!  And the list goes on and on.

What this bigoted group wants is someone that will do exacts as they are told by their leadership group.  They don’t want any free thinkers or people who forward think, thus they have their own candidates Dennis Waldron and Ms. Elect Melisa Brown.

Both intent on taking the city back to the “good ole days” when the city ran up massive debts and would take allow for money to be thrown out the window.  Remember those days?  Back when city meetings weren’t open to public comments and video wasn’t shared on YouTube.

The party of NO – Dennis Waldron & Elect Melisa Brown- intent to make the police & fire understaffed and unprotected.  Willing to let the infrastructure fall apart to save a buck.


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