Debates debates…

It’s only a matter of a few days until the city’s candidate forum where we will see each candidate give the residents their best pitch for why you should vote for them for Alderman of La Vergne.

So lets take a moment and look at who is running and share a little bit about them.

Tom Broeker – a federal employee who has served for years at the city’s postal office.  Husband and father, Tom has stepped up front and center for the city and explained his positions.  Repeatedly attacked by the Concerned Citizens group because he would not tow their official voting platform, Tom continues to shine for representing all residents not just some.

Dennis Waldron – career politician and owner of the city junk yard, Dennis has spent years in office with the city and has been known as the “Do Nothing Alderman”.  Dennis is known for supporting the petition drive to dissolve the city charter and for false claims to the media about city funds.

John Kleber – father to a member of the La Vergne High School student.  While off to a slow start John has been seen at city events and has been out meeting and greeting potential voters.

Kathy Hines – a former law enforcement official in IL, Kathy Hines is running to see the city crack down on synthetic drugs that have taken the country by storm over the last few years.  Kathy has been spotted at city meetings and some events.

Melisa Brown – novice politician who is running because Dennis Waldron wasn’t running, but now is.  She has fully supported the Concerned Citizen’s platform of stopping city improvements.  She believes that having sufficient police and fire responders is growing “big government” and that no one wants that.

Listen to their words and look at their actions over the last two years.  Have they been there?  How have they been involved?  What do they stand for and how can they help this city and its residents?


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